Seven Clues to Home




An endearing story of love and grief as one girl follows the clues in a scavenger hunt left behind by her best friend, perfect for fans of Bridge to Terabithia and Nine, Ten.


Joy Fonseca is dreading her 13th birthday, dreading being reminded again about her best friend Lukas’s senseless death on this day, one year ago — and dreading the fact he may have heard what she accidentally blurted to him the night before. Or maybe she’s more worried he didn’t hear.

Eitherway, she’s decided: she’s going to finally open the first clue to their annual birthday scavenger hunt Lukas left for her the morning he died, hoping the rest of the clues are still out there. If they are, they might lead Joy to whatever last words Lukas wrote, and toward understanding how to grab onto the future that is meant to be hers.

Junior Library Guild Selection

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Praise for Seven Clues to Home

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Readers will cheer Lukas on as he musters up the courage to share his burgeoning romantic feelings with Joy, and they will cheer Joy on as she bravely works through her grief and follows the clues. . . .This bittersweet exploration of grief and growing up will appeal to thoughtful tweens. – School Library Journal

Polisner and Baskin have written a modern-day Bridge to Terabithia . . .  A bittersweet tale of losing someone you love. – Booklist

Through introspective narration . . .  Lukas’s fast-approaching, untimely death, and the depth of Joy’s grief afterward, add poignancy to many flashbacks as both experience the same set of clues, underscoring the duo’s genuine shared affection. – Publisher’s Weekly

A heartfelt tour de force. - Kirkus Reviews

This tender tale is indelibly etched on my heart." --Leslie Connor, author of the National Book Award finalist The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle
Polisner and Baskin's brief tale of two quite distant friends magically manages to bridge an uncrossable gap. . .  both a charming mystery and a real meditation on the complexities of the young heart in love. --Tony Abbott, Edgar Award-winning author of Firegirl and The Great Jeff
I read this whole book with a lump in my throat. A perfect gem." --Wendy Mass, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Bob

Gae Polisner

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